Native Flowers Melbourne

In Australia, we have a huge range of native flowers that are available all year round. Native flowers are stunning when arranged in a mixed bouquet. Native Australian flowers are long-lasting and luxurious – unlike common flowers that quickly wilt once the blooms fully open! Native flowers such as protea, banksia, kangaroo paw etc. require a small amount of effort to maintain. This makes them ideal for corporate uses, functions and events.

At CBD Florist, we have an amazing variety of native flowers in a range of natural, earthy tones to choose from. We selectively choose flowers for our bouquet to make each and every one stunning and meaningful. Depending on the season, we will choose the finest native flowers and arrange them stylishly. From our wildflower bouquet to present to that special someone, or a summer blast of natives and wildflowers to cheer up your loved ones, we can arrange our bouquets for whatever occasion at CBD Florist!

We are some of Melbourne’s best when it comes to growing and supplying plants, plugs, pond plants, bulbs and seeds to most of the CBD and surrounding regions. At CBD Florist, we pick only the finest flowers with a 10-day fresh guarantee. Our bouquets are stunning, perfect and affordable. Our delivery is fast, safe and on-time! We have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee – so you can be sure your flower bouquet is coming from the best in the business.

Native and Wild Flower Delivery Melbourne

There are thousands of different wild flowers growing in the Australia. We are all familiar with at least some of them, even if they are the ones we call weeds or the ones we have tamed and grow in our gardens. Much like the Australian people, natives and wildflowers are very beautiful and vibrant. These striking and unique flowers require little maintenance that they can be perfect gifts for your loved ones. Instead of the more traditional choices of flowers such as: roses, lilies, gerberas, and orchids, why not purchase an exotic, unique, long lasting arrangement of CBD Florist natives and wildflowers.

A Range of Choices

CBD Florist’s ‘Natives & Wildflowers’ collection features many beautiful arrangements of natural, earthy tones to choose for family and friends. We selectively mix native flowers, fresh and artificial, plants, home furnishings, ceramics, clothing, jewellery and candles that makes every bouquet stunning and meaningful. Depending on the season of blooms, we always choose the finest natives and wildflowers to arrange in stylish and design. You can choose ‘Wildflower’ bouquet with proteas, banksias, silvan red, wrapped up in high quality paper and ribbon. This arrangement definitely bright your loved ones’ day. Alternatively, ‘Summer Blast’, a combination of wide range of natives and wildflowers is designed to create a dramatic impact on cheering your special one up. There are still many natives arrangement available at CBD Florist for you to select for any occasions.

Excellent and Commitment Service

Here at CBD Florist, we specialise in growing & supplying wild flower plants, plugs, bulbs, wildlife pond plants, seeds and meadow mixes to most of CBD and surrounding areas. With natives and wildflowers at CBD Florist, you can rest assured that they are always picked in a finest appearance, following by an professional arrangement with a 10-day fresh Guarantee. You will also easily select your bouquet from our stunning and perfect arrangements at affordable price, including fast, safety, on-time shipping and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Whatever the reason for your visit today, you can be sure that you are in good hand. We always look forward to serving you with care and commitment.