Seasons Best Flowers

In this category, our team members have put their thought, their expertise to create a collection of flowers that showcase for its best for each season. Therefore, if you are wandering to look for the right flowers for a particular occasion, an abundance of beautiful arrangement from traditional to modern style will be a best pick for your occasion.

There are four general seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter occurring everywhere around the world in cyclic patterns. In every season, there always exist many stunning and unique flowers that can be perfect gifts to convey all meaning for any occasion and any special one. Seasonal flowers give you more bang for your buck as the flowers are in plentiful supply in season. At CBD Florist, we have all
beautiful flowers for each season of summer, winter, spring and fall.

A range of choices

As every flower is season specific, you can choose the most beautiful and suitable bouquet at any time of year at CBD Florist. In summer, you can select roses, lilies, dahlias, buddleia (snowberry, fragrant gardenias, fluffy  hydrangea, vanda orchids and gloriosa for your loved ones. In fall, you will start to see the likes of tulips coming into the shops, as well as lisianthus, autumnal foliage such as nandina, dahlias, perfumed stock, sculptural branches of fig and pomegranate, berries, and velvety celosia. In the coolest months of winter, you can also choose ornamental kale, perfumed hyacinth, velvety celosia, cymbidium orchids, succulent red hot fire pokers, deep blue delphinium, and privet berry. Finally, in spring, you can expect to see many stunning flowers from poppies, daffodils and jonquils, phalaenopsis orchids, rhododendron, lilac,  to roses, freesias, ranunculas, and tulips.

There are of course the year-round bloomers too, such as gerberas and lilies.

Excellent and Commitment Service

At CBD Florist, we understand how changes of the weather by seasons affect the availability and choice of flowers as well as which the best flowers available in each season are. Our ‘Seasons Best’ collection features many arrangements for any budget and every personality. Like all other CBD Florist arrangements, the Season’s Best range is designed in stylish by our expert florist and delivered all over Melbourne and surrounding areas on same day or next day service. As one of the largest flowers and gift shop in Melbourne area, CBD Florist is definitely trusted to provide you with the freshness flower quality and value. You can be assured that your bouquet will last for at least 7 days since delivered to your special one’s doorstep. Let’s send seasonal flowers to your loved ones from CBD Florist.