Orchids Melbourne

About orchids, they are simply elegant with delicate blossoms when we think of. Just to know, there are more than 25,000 species in its family, make it the second large family. We have created a sparkling range of orchid’s arrangements for you to choose from, and many more coming. They are long-lasting, luxury, beautiful that anyone will love to be gifted and displayed in their house, or workplace.

Orchid Flower Delivery

With stylish and elegant appearance, orchids are synonymous with luxury, royalty and affection. Orchids are attractive and mystical in their exotic beauty and leave everyone dazzled. These connotations and the long lasting nature of these blooms make them to be an extremely meaningful gift for friends and family. Orchids are a very strong and effective in the way they deliver messages. They are very special flowers and are usually used to send to your dearest ones on special occasions. Orchid plants are also great choice for decorating your office and home space in many events. They bring life to their surrounding spaces and create an interesting effect on people.

A range of choices

At CBD Florist, we offer a large range of unique orchid plants and arrangements that are suitable for every occasion and budget. Each one is beautifully presented in an attractive container so that it can be displayed and enjoyed by family and friends from the moment it arrives. ‘Modern Tropical Arrangement’, for example, is a striking modern arrangement of premium Lilies, tropical mokara orchids, anthuriums, protea, natives and tropical foliage. It is one of our most recommended bouquets for your dearest one. Another option with orchids is ‘Orchid Bloom’, stunning white denrobium orchid in tall clear container with greenery that will surely impress family and friends.  

Excellent and Commitment Service

If you need flowers delivered in Melbourne and anywhere in the surrounding areas, you came to the right place. CBD Florist has a reputable name in the orchid delivery industry. Here at CBD Florist we always provide to customers with the lowest prices and highest quality. Our professional florists use the freshest flowers to prepare bouquets and arrangements. We have made it easy and convenient for you to shop online from your home to office, or using your phone when on the go. So why not send your heartfelt regards, love and respect to your loved ones with a beautiful handmade bouquet of orchid flowers direct from CBD Florist and let your loved ones know they are always in your thoughts?  

Feel confident that you have made the right choice and thank you for placing your order with CBD Florist