Tulips Melbourne

Tulips are one of the most admired and beloved flowers around the world. In general the tulip flowers mean fame, passion, and romance. They are growing all year round in glass house, but it is much more diversify in spring. Blooming with multi colours, they are vibrant, but not too elegant, not too romantic. Just like roses, the colours of tulips also have different meaning. Red tulips are generally interpreted true love. Yellow tulips represent cheerful thoughts and sunshine. Orange tulips represent warmth, happiness and fascination. White tulips represent forgiveness. Pink tulip flowers symbolize happiness and confidence. Purple tulip flowers are associated with royalty. Besides tulips, you can send them with other extra products such as chocolate, cutest plush teddy bear, wine to make it even more special. Tulips are just perfect the way they are, so we keep it as long as possible. View our range and order now for same day delivery to Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and major areas.