Emotional Benefits of Fresh Flowers

If the only time you get to smell fresh flowers is on Valentines Day or in a hospital bed, you are doing yourself a huge disfavor. You do not know just how many benefits you and receive from having fresh flowers but here is a list of some:

 Increased compassion

Your heart may be of stone, but fresh flowers will break it down into so much concern for others. If your boss is a little harsh, consider introducing a vase of fresh-cut flowers and watch them work their magic. Who knows, you might even get a salary increase courtesy of the flowers!

No more sulking

Monday blues are normal, but if yours go on till Sunday, you are in for one disastrous week. Try having beautifully arranged flowers on your table; their sight will instantly chase your blues away. A happy boss results in a happy employee and a satisfied customer. At home, you can place some flowers on the dining table or in your bedroom so that it's the first anything you see in the morning.

Say goodbye to lethargic feelings

Ever woken up but still felt like you do not have enough energy to carry you through the day? You may get the urge to rush off to a dose of caffeine but instead, have your messenger get you fresh flowers on your desk every morning. Your energy levels will be so high your employees might think you are on something.

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