3 Popular Flowers To Surprise Your Bestie This Friendship Day 2022!

International Friendship Day is on July 30th and we can’t keep calm. We believe that friendship is the bond that bridges all the gaps between race, culture, and language. What could be the significant gift to mark this beautiful occasion? It’s flowers! You can get a flower bouquet designed by a florist and send them or else you can pick day flower bouquets online with same day flower delivery in CBD. In today’s blog, we have summed up the gorgeous blooms that convey your love and care to your friends, and best of all, all these flowers have deep meanings than you ever know.

Yellow Rose

Yellow roses stand as the “flag-bearer” of friendship and care. On this friendship day, get your friend a bouquet of yellow roses from a florist shop near you to show that you value the bond. Yellow roses symbolize cheer, joy, care, and platonic affection for a male or female friend. Yellow roses are large, blousy with silky petals, and deliciously fragrant and they are the best flower to send your friend on this beautiful day.


The sunflower represents sunshine, brightness, loyalty, and care. Add this bouquet to the friend who has been loyal and faithful to you all these years. A compact, fresh and vibrant bunch of sunflowers can make them feel appreciated and valued. Send your pure wishes and lovely thoughts with a sunflower bouquet on this friendship day.

Pink Tulips

Tulip bulbs are everyone’s favourite. They come in vivid colours and are pretty attractive to keep as a vase flower to make your indoor look classy and minimal. Pink tulips convey care, affection, and hearty wishes to your beloved.

Gerberas Daisies

Gerbera Daisies are spectacular to watch. They are bright, vivid, cheerful, and colourful in every way. Friendship day is the perfect excuse to send someone a bouquet of yellow gerbera daisies. Yellow gerbera daisies are the best ones that relate to friendship day. It signifies pure bonds, positive energy, pride, and purity.

Friendships are essential to keep our lives better and make our mundane lives sound exciting and charming. So, whether it’s the partners in crime that you get to see every day or the beloved friendship that is living far from, send them a flower bouquet with same day flower delivery. To order flowers online, call CBD Florist on (03) 9798 6017 today.