Creative Ways To Confess And Say "Be My Valentine"

The season of love is in the air. All over the world, preparations for Valentine’s Day have begun. If you are planning to confess your love and ask her to be your valentine, this is the time you can make a move. However, asking someone is probably one of the most nervous and heart-racing experiences. Well, picking flowers from the florist can be a perfect way. But there are other ways you can creatively ask your valentine with adorable gifts. Wondering how? We have some interesting ideas to scream your love to the only. Read more to find out!

Red Roses For Valentine’s Day

The festival of love starts with rose day and what best way can you celebrate the day than red roses? Go for 12 rose bouquets or a flashy 50-rose bouquet to make her say yes! Send a red rose bouquet to the one who makes your heart skip a beat with a flower delivery on the same day and a Red rose for Valentine’s Day is the classic option that never fails to impress her.

Give Her A Visual Treat

It’s the sweet moments that make great memories. Compile all the good moments, funny pictures, dance, and nostalgia all into one and create a romantic film to surprise them. This is one of the best ways to ask her to be your valentine.

Music And Recordable Greeting Cards

Though greeting cards might sound old school to you, they still work.  Choose a recordable greeting card and scream your love your lungs out on it to show how much you love her and want her to be your valentine.

Heart-Shaped Rose Basket

Is your heart beating loud? We heard it! Yes, sending a heart-shaped red rose bouquet would be the perfect way to ask her out. Plan a surprise by using a same-day flower delivery and plan a romantic dinner later. As a florist shop in Melbourne CBD, there would be a large volume of orders, so pre-book your valentine’s day flower arrangements to avoid late delivery.

Truth Or Dare

Well, this is a sneaky option. Play truth or dare with your friends and ask your friends to dare you or the truth, and use the chance to confess the real feelings to the love of your life.

Loved the ideas? We are sure you can make this V-day a memorable one. Use these ideas and order Valentine’s Day flowers bouquets online from CBD Florist. Same day flower delivery in Melbourne CBD, call 03 9798 6017 today.