What Are The Top Flower Sending Occasions?

Expressing your emotions and deliberations through flowers is an ideal way to let your special one know how you feel. Flowers make a great gift for several occasions that deserve a unique celebration. Whether commemorating a new romance, congratulating someone on their anniversary or wishing someone on their birthday, flowers make the perfect gifts. At CBD Florist, we offer bouquets and floral arrangements for various occasions including anniversaries, birthdays, wedding, appreciations, condolences and much more. 


Whether celebrating a year at a job, honouring a year of marital bliss or making out any milestone, sending anniversary flowers offers a fresh and colourful way to enhance the grace of the day. Choose from our wide variety of flower bouquets and gift baskets that will delight your special one on this special occasion.


Birthdays are a truly significant occasion to celebrate. Sending a beautiful bouquet of flowers to someone you love on their birthday is an ideal way to demonstrate your love for her/him. The experts at CBD Florist invest a great amount of effort and time to create birthday flower bouquets and floral arrangements that will provide enchantment to the recipient.


Regardless of the culture you belong to, flowers are the perfect gifts to express your love and wishes for the couple’s special day. CBD Florist has got a broad range of wedding flower bouquets with unique colour schemes. We guarantee that your bouquets will arrive fresh with quality and vibrant flowers.

Love and Romance:

Flowers have the intrinsic ability to mirror your love and romance for your loved one. Whether you want to make an impression on a girl or looking to show her your affection, CBD Florist is your go-to online florist. We are pleased to offer a beautiful bouquet of fresh romantic flowers that help expressing your deepest feelings.

Condolences and Funeral:

Sending condolence and funeral flowers is a great deal of showing your support to the family that has lost their beloved one. We have a wide gamut of condolence wreaths and funeral floral arrangements that are chosen to soothe the pain at a solemn time. Our carefully selected sympathy flowers allow you to pay your respects for a loved one in a humble way.

Not sure what would be the perfect flowers for a specific occasion? Feel free to call 1300 851 142 and get gift ideas from the CBD Florist experts.