Sympathy Flowers Melbourne

At such sad times, sending condolence flowers is a kind way to let them know your thoughts when words are simply not enough. We have created a variety of funeral flowers such as bouquet, arrangement, sheaf, wreath, and casket to express your deepest condolences. Respectably, our team can ensure your choice of sympathy flowers meet all your high expectation, and arrive on time. Personal message is included.

Classic way to Express Sympathies

When a friend, relative or colleague has passed away and when words are simply just not enough, flowers are universally recognised as the most appropriate way for tribute of life and symbol of compassion to the family to let them know how terribly sorry and sad you are to hear of their loss. During times of grievance, fresh flowers can effectively offer support and lift the spirit of our loved ones. At these sensitive and delicate moments, CBD Florist can be absolutely trusted to express your deepest condolences with perfect bouquets of flowers. 

A range of choices

When it comes to time of expressing sympathies to a loved one, friend or colleague, nothing is more touching and comfortable than a beautiful floral arrangement. Common sympathy selections include tranquil all-white bouquets, or colourful and uplifting arrangements. For those who want to express their deepest condolences with traditional floral arrangements, choosing white, cream and yellow flowers makes great sense and comfort. Among the most widely used and recognized of sympathy flowers is the striking lily, which exhibit the nature of life and a sense of preciousness. White roses, mums and snapdragons are also classic choices for sympathy arrangements. For sending flowers to funerals, wreaths, sprays, sheafs or bouquets would be appropriate.

Excellent and commitment service

At CBD Florist, we can offer superior quality and prices that are affordable to everyone. Even though buying sympathy flowers can be an embarrassing prospect, however, we can guarantee that our floral arrangement always appreciate the importance of such occasions and will do everything we can to ensure that your condolence flowers arrive in tip-top condition, at the right time and place as well as with the most compassion and efficiency. Our service is available at any time of night or day and we make sure that sympathy flowers will be delivered fast and reliable all year round.

So why not send your heartfelt regards, love and respect at a difficult time, with a beautiful handmade bouquet of sympathy flowers direct from CBD Florist and let your loved ones know they are always in your thoughts?

Please note, for us to be able to deliver it on time, please make sure you place the order at early time at least 24 hours. If urgent, please give us a call at 1300 851 142 and one of our team member will guide you through. Information is critical such as location, time of ceremony are needed. 

So if you’re looking to make someone’s day with a gorgeous bouquet, you can call on CBD Florist – order online now!