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Fairy Garden Wonderland

Fairy Garden Wonderland

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The most gorgeous preserved flowers in a faux leather hat box with a peek through lid. This is a new addition to our Valentine's Day collection. It is an arrangement of preserved flowers that will come wrapped up in a bow. 

All the flowers in the arrangement have been dried and preserved. Each design is different and unique and all the colour schemes are different. All of the shapes, textures and sizes of the flowers will vary because they are still natural products that have just been preserved. 

A white box with a Spring like ambience for those who love bright and vibrant colours. There is a ring of white and yellow roses with a pink David Austen rose centre. All these flowers are sitting in a bed of colourful hydrangea and dried out daisies.

These floral hat box arrangement are made to last 3-5 years in a well kept environment with little to no direct sunlight. If placed in direct sunlight, there may be a chance of spotting and the flowers may fade in colour.

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